Speak Your Words through a Virtual Phone

Technology has tightened its grip. We all now send emails, text, IM and Skype but have you ever thought of that personal touch and warmth that you get while talking over a phone. Words are now converted to texts or IMs but if you can actually speak your words aloud – that gives you satisfaction. You communicate better with your friends and families over the phone and this is no exception for your customers as well. Let your customers enjoy this warmth of your communication through a virtual phone system.

Cost Effective Solution

If you are a new entrepreneur it could be difficult for you to afford a fully fledged phone system. You need to dedicate a whole room and an army of your staff to maintain it. But a virtual phone is quite unlike a traditional phone system in many respects. First, you do not need to buy any hardware or software or order a new telephone connection for using a virtual telephone. Second, you can use your virtual phone for doing a variety of jobs, other than telecommunication like, using it for faxing, or using its auto attendant feature instead of hiring a receptionist.

Using a Toll Free Number

Making toll free numbers your business number and using it with a virtual phone system can have incredible influence on your business. It establishes your professionalism and credibility almost instantly. Since a toll free number has always been a hallmark of established, credible and prestigious businesses, your business smoothly enters this elite group simply by using a toll free number. Moreover, a vanity toll free number makes your business stands out from the crowd – it makes your number memorable, works as an effective branding for your business and at the same time provides your customers the easiest way to contact you.

Auto Attendant

When a customer dials your business number, the auto attendant of your virtual phone answers the call. It greets your customers and connects them quickly to the right person or department. An auto attendant works 24 hours a day 7 days a week, eliminating completely the need for an office receptionist. The message of an auto attendant can be customized or changed.

Call Transfer and Call Forwarding

A virtual phone system allows you to transfer calls to your colleagues sitting next to you or to colleagues across the country. The auto attendant receives your call and forwards it to your extension. You can set your phone system in such a way that it forwards calls to more than one number according to your pre-defined day and time. This advanced call forwarding feature keeps you close to your customers always.

Voicemail Box

But if the auto attendant could not find you on any of the extensions, it forwards your call to your voicemail box, where your customer can leave a message for you. Your virtual phone sends you alert to your emails or text you as soon as you have a new voice message. You can either read your voicemail in your email or can listen to it.

Virtual Fax

Faxing is an easy affair with your virtual phone. You can send or receive fax without a fax machine, paper or a telephone connection using an online interface.

So now you won’t be hesitant to pick up the phone and answer your customers or just call your customers to thank them for their business – this actually helps you develop a bond.