What is VoIP & SIP


VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol is a technology that allows telephone numbers to be dialed with a traditional telephone or software application installed on your computer using a headset.  VoIP Calls are routed over the Internet as your voice is converted into digital signals called packets.  These packets are routed across the Internet to the receiving end where they are converted back to voice.

SIP or Session Initiation Protocol is an application layer designed to be an independent layer.  It can use many protocols to run, which include Transmission Control Protocol “TCP“, User Datagram Protocol “UDP”, or Stream Control Transmission Protocol “SCTP“ (used by telephone service providers).  Telephone companies deliver your dial tone to your premises using an Internet type connection.  SIP is text based, using many elements of Hypertext Transfer Protocol “HTTP” and Simple Mail Transfer Protocol “SMTP“.  SIP can transmit Voice and Video calls at the same time.  Other applications of SIP include HD Video Conferencing, Instant messaging, File transfers, and Online games.


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