Network Data Cabling, Voice Cabling & CCTV

Nexcom provides infrastructure cabling solutions for new constructions and existing businesses alike. You can rest assured your needs for Voice, Data, Cable TV, CCTV and A/V cabling will be installed properly and be delivered on time. With years of industry standard practices our experience means delivered complete solutions on time and on budget. We use quality cables and hardware installation for each project assuring maximum delivery quality of voice and data transmissions.


Voice,Data & CCTV Cabling

Complete site surveys are conducted prior to staring your project assuring accurate delivery of installations. A Nexcom lead installer is assigned to every project coordinating with both customers and Nexcom installers. A Final walk through is conducted before any cables are installed.

Typical wiring or cabling requests includes:

Installation of both inter- and intra-building coax, copper and fiber for wireless access points, data and server cabinets, cable management systems (trays and racks), network ports and telephone jacks.

Infrastructure management for data and telecommunication entrance facilities, wireless infrastructure, data centers, satellite equipment room build-outs, project management and project consultations.

Maintain wiring and cabling for voice and data services associated with moves, additions and changes. Nexcom Digital telecommunications design and installation follows industry standards and codes for fire stopping, applicable cable types, cable supports, conduit, etc.

Cable & Hardware Definitions:

Cat=category  e=enhanced, all cables available in PVC or Fire rated

Cat-5e type of cable mostly used between desk computers, networked printers to server connection, now days it is also used for VOIP telephone systems.

Cat-6  same as above requiring higher speeds of data transfers.

Fiber Optic has advantages over copper Cat-5e,Cat-6 and Coaxial cables, it is able to transmit more quantities of data with much less loss of information being transmitted, capable of maintaining signals over long distances, low risk of corrosion, and almost 100% free from interference.

Riser inside cable used in vertical applications between floors to connect lines from main telephone room located at ground or basement levels to telephone/electrical rooms located on other floor levels.

Aerial – outside cable designed to be suspended from overhead structures and poles, mainly used to connect buildings together to supply communications between buildings and main telephone room.

Data Rack – also called rack mounted it is essentially an area where you can place all your servers, routers, network switches and patch panels that connect to your desk top computers and other networked devices.

Patch Panels – a group of sockets/jacks mounted by either wall mount or data racks providing connecting points between desktop computers, printers and communication devices to network switches, servers, routers or in some cases security Surveillance systems.

Other Services Nexcom provides

Ladder Racks, Cable Trays, Secured Entry Systems for Pedestrians and Gates . Telephone Systems, Door Entry Systems, Wireless Enterprise, Panasonic HD Visual Communications, Paging system “PA”, Video Surveillance

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