Samsung Officeserv 7100 Auto Attendant

VoIP PBX phone systems with their advanced auto attendant (AA) system manage their business communication efficiently. The advanced call management features of the phone system helps offices deal with calls in a professional manner.

Auto Attendant to Manage Calls

With the PBX phone system in place, your office does not need an additional telephone operator or receptionist to handle your official calls. The system’s auto attendant functions as your receptionist and takes all calls efficiently. The pre-recorded greeting messages incorporated into the system welcome callers.

The system has special, user-friendly calls routing facilities for directing the calls to the right extensions. These include the direct messaging, direct enterprise and direct executive features. Callers can choose from the list of menu options such as dial-by-extension, dial-by-name and zero-out to live call transfer to reach the extension they need. If necessary, callers are even free to converse with a live receptionist through the ‘direct receptionist’ feature. Interactive voice messages are there to guide them through every phase of call processing. If the lines are busy, they will be directed to the voice mail systems where callers can leave voice messages. With the portal interface, calls can be easily routed to groups, mailboxes, conference rooms, call queues, or unlimited depths of additional auto attendants.

Find Me Follow Me Call Forwarding

Location is not a matter of concern while using PBX phone systems with the virtual receptionist feature. The automated attendant phone system features voicemail, fax mail, and find me follow me call forwarding. The possibility of missed calls is minimized and line busy signals are eliminated. If lines are busy and calls go unattended, they are dealt with by the voicemail system. The automated attendant phone system can also handle faxes by forwarding them to the fax mail system, which converts incoming faxes into a digital file format and forwards them to designated email accounts. Multiple call and faxes can be received simultaneously. The system offers the freedom to work from any location as the special ‘find me follow me’ call forwarding feature directs calls to cell phones, home phones or other given personal numbers.

Thus, the auto attendant feature of the PBX phone systems means a much better relationship with a firm’s customers. One of the greatest advantages for small offices is that all these services are available at an affordable monthly service charge.