SBX IP-320 up to 32 stations supports SIP lines

Vertical SBX IP 320 VoIP


You don’t need to be big to take advantage of Advanced VoIP technology Features. You just need Vertical SBX IP 320, the cost-effective system that makes VoIP affordable and simple to use. So now your small business can communicate and collaborate like never before

The Vertical SBX IP 320 converged VoIP IP telephony system is the clear choice for today’s dynamic and growing single- and multi-location businesses. Vertical SBX IP VoIP system Developed in partnership with global electronics and telecommunications manufacturer LG-Nortel, the Vertical SBX IP 320. VoIP addresses your current and future communications needs by combining advanced telephony features, communications applications, unmatched ease-of-use, high reliability, and traditional as well as IP telephony at an extraordinary price point. No other communications system can offer the same value to a growing business.

Scalable to up to 32 users per system and capable of networking up to 72 systems together, the Vertical SBX IP 320 offers the latest advances in converged IP telephony technology. Small businesses can easily benefit from the many advantages of its rich feature set, telephony applications, significant flexibility and cost-savings associated with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). The Vertical SBX IP 320 supports both traditional and IP endpoints and trunking in a single system, so you can deploy VoIP immediately, or migrate at your own pace. Either way, the SBX IP 320 offers unmatched flexibility and value to meet the needs of your business.

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Slash your time to success
Vertical SBX IP delivers complete VoIP capability in one converged, compact package, helping your organization immediately become more nimble, more productive, and ultimately, more profitable. The Vertical SBX IP Remote IP telephone support 

Vertical SBX IP 320

  • SIP trunk Integration
  • System networking
  • Scalable hardware option to base system

Robust telephony features
SBX IP provides hundreds of telephony features. Features like Call Forward, SMDR, VoIP and Least Cost Routing.

Vertical SBX IP 320 Offers unsurpassed practicality, reliability and versatility, the Vertical SBX IP 320 is the benchmark for small business telephony. With advanced features, handset options and applications, the Vertical SBX IP 320 proves that small hardly means limited.

  • Easy to own
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to grow
  • Easy migration to VoIP

The Vertical SBX IP 320 VoIP communications system is the proven, practical and powerful solution for companies that want to compete, grow and profit more effectively.

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