Vertical SBX IP 320- Why Nexcom


Vertical SBX IP A converged IP telephony system that is the clear choice for today’s dynamic and growing single- and multi-location businesses. Developed in partnership with global electronics and telecommunications manufacturer LG-Nortel, the Vertical SBX IP 320 addresses your current and future communications needs by combining advanced telephony features, communications applications, unmatched ease-of-use, high reliability, and traditional as well as IP telephony at an extraordinary price point. No other communications system can offer the same value to a growing business.

Stay Competitive With Vertical SBX IP Enterprise-Class Communications

The Vertical SBX IP 320 delivers the features and flexibility your organization needs to succeed in today’s highly competitive marketplace. You’ll be able to use the same powerful communications applications usually reserved for large enterprises in a system designed with your small-business budget in mind.

The New Vertical Standard for Value & Economy

Offering unsurpassed practicality, reliability and versatility, the SBX IP 320 is the benchmark for small business telephony. With advanced features, handset options and applications, the SBX IP 320 proves that small hardly means limited.

    • Easy to own
    • Easy to use
    • Easy to grow
    • Easy migration to IP

The Vertical SBX IP 320 from Vertical Communications is the proven, practical and powerful solution for companies that want to compete, grow and profit more effectively.
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Vertical MBX IP


More than a phone system, the Vertical® MBX IP™ can improve operations, intra-company communications, and processes. When you communicate more intelligently, you impact your bottom line.


With Vertical MBX IP you get support for traditional endpoints, IP endpoints, and SIP trunking in a single system. Which means you can deploy VoIP immediately or migrate at your own pace. Plus, the system can accommodate up to 250 users and up to 72 multiple sites, so you enjoy pay-as-you-grow scalability. Leverage your investment by delivering voice and data over a single IP circuit. Or deploy telecommuter options without the expense of moving to an all VoIP system. Vertical MBX IP can take advantage of T1 or PRI trunks to provide cost savings and functionality traditional analog trunks don’t offer.


Vertical MBX IP was developed in partnership with LG Electronic’s worldwide leading telecommunications division, LG-Ericsson. With thousands of systems sold worldwide, this communications system has a proven track record.


Vertical MBX IP integrates easily with existing networks, supporting a variety of phone types including digital, analog, IP phones, soft phones, and Wi-Fi phones for mobile users. Our pre-configured database templates make installation a breeze. It’s a flexible system that can be administered locally or remotely through the built-in web based administration program or via a digital telephone. Ultimately, MBX IP lets you focus on running your business, not your telecom system.


Vertical DX-120


Vertical Comdial DX-120 The Vertical DX-120 Business Communications System is designed to give growing enterprises all the sophisticated communications features of big-company digital systems in an affordable, easy to use and highly scalable package. The Vertical DX-120 system includes desktop and cordless speakerphone endpoints, a reception console and a comprehensive feature set of nearly 200 functions previously available only on high-end PBXs. It supports both T1/ISDN-PRI and analog trunking, conferencing, powerful voicemail and auto-attendant options and remote configuration.


The Vertical DX-120 system delivers enterprise-grade productivity without the complexity, cost and management responsibilities of a larger system. Its modular architecture and both analog and digital trunking (T1 and ISDN-PRI) enable small enterprises to get started today with a reliable digital communications solution with the assurance that it can be expanded to grow in step with the business. Administration is fast and easy with the modem options, which enable remote access and configuration of system parameters. Growing your communications system to keep pace with the success of your organization has never been so easy — or so affordable.


The basic Vertical DX-120 system delivers nearly 200 powerful communications features right out of the box, giving your organization a jump start on the competition. A sampling includes:

    • Built-In Caller ID: The caller’s name and number are clearly displayed on both digital and Caller ID-capable analog telephone sets, providing caller ID information regardless of extension type.
    • Direct Inward Dialing (DID): With T1 or ISDN PRI trunking, the Vertical DX-120 supports up to 100 DID numbers for direct caller access to personnel, greetings such as directions or hours, mailboxes, hotlines, departments and fax.
    • Uniform Call Distribution (UCD): Allows extensions to be linked for call handling, enabling efficient utilization of your customer service resources. Incoming calls can be forwarded to the next available agent or on a per-group basis (sales, tech support, etc.) using Linear, Distributed or All Ring modes.
    • “Meet-Me” Conferencing: In addition to supporting standard conference calling, the Vertical DX- 120 also supports eight “Meet-Me” conference bridges. All parties can dial directly into a conference call from the road or inside the office.
    • Tenant Service: By configuring tenant groups, one Vertical DX-120 system can be configured to serve multiple premises while meeting the specific customization requirements of each. Paired with its two Music-on-Hold sources, the DX-120 can serve multiple offices and meet the specific customization requirements of each.
    • Fax Detection: The Vertical DX-120 supports automatic fax detection with analog trunking, eliminating the expense of a separate fax line.
    • Station Message: Detail Recording (SMDR): Track data for incoming and outgoing CO calls; connects to printer or serial interface.
    • Music-on-Hold: One internal music source is included in the DX-120 System. Two jacks are provided for external music inputs.
    • Public Address Interface: Connect the DX-120 to speakers or a horn — a perfect solution for warehouses and general paging needs.
    • Door/Gate Control Interface: Use your phone to operate a contact closure to open a door or gate, or ring a loud bell or other device.


Vertical Comdial® MP5000™ Business Phone System


Enabling Telecommunications to Keep Pace with Growing Enterprises – Economically

The MP5000 is the ideal telecommunications solution for growing organizations with remote sites and road warriors, and with heavy intra-organizational calling and conferencing requirements. It’s easily administered from a single point and supports a broad spectrum of hard and soft endpoint mixes and advanced call handling applications. Add remote sites and users quickly and easily. Deploy advanced next-generation SIP and IP functionality, from peer-to-peer video calling to unified messaging.

Proven Business Phone System Solution

The MP5000 delivers economical, scalable, enhanced communications and lightning-fast ROI. Whether your organization is growing in a single large campus environment or by launching multiple offices throughout a region or a continent, continued growth will depend increasingly on efficient, economical communication across your entire enterprise. The MP5000 has established its value in a broad spectrum of business environments that depend heavily on both voice and data communications. Examples include law firms, real estate offices, marketing and advertising companies, auto dealerships, service businesses, government agencies and many more. The MP5000 makes sound business sense because it delivers easily administered, economical VoIP telephony and advanced voice applications and also supports existing telecommunications infrastructure including any mix of analog, digital and IP.