OfficeServ 7000 Series Brochure

Why Samsung and NOT Hosted systems

A next generation enterprise IP solution, OfficeServ proviedes a secure IP convergence Key System for the 21st century business. OfficeServ supports traditional voice communication, voice over IP, IP based data communication and wireless solutions through Wi-Fi and CDMA.

  • OfficeServ Call        demo click here
  • Softphone Turn your computer into a full featured IP Telephone.SAMSUNG  Softphone is a Voice over IP (VoIP) application that enables OfficeServ 500, OfficeServ 100 and OfficeServ 7000 Series system users to communicate with the switch over the LAN or WAN from their PC. This application is ideal solution for telecommuters and road warriors.The SAMSUNG solution for managing the converging business challenges. Softphone DemoSAMSUNG OfficeServ Call is a simple-to-use and cost-effective call management application for call logging, contacts, scheduling, and digital telephone programming..

Samsung offers many platforms to meet your specific business model, for more comprehensive feature list and style of telephones please refer to linkOfficeServs prodvided below.

OfficeServ Operator  Click here for demo


Complete call control solution for business operators and receptionists.

A member of SAMSUNG OfficeServ CTI Applications, OfficeServ Operator is a PC-based Auto Attendant Console solution for your company. Combined with a Samsung phone system, this Windows-based application will help your business manage high-volume call traffic professionally and smoothly.

OfficeServ Communicator and Messenger Enhanced collaboration. Greater mobility. Increased flexibility.
Now there’s an integrated communications application that can help you achieve all three—with the end result of providing better service to your customers.
With Samsung’s OfficeServ™ Communicator Basic or OfficeServ™ Communicator Professional with Messenger, you can seamlessly bring together voice, video, and instant messaging capabilities at a price that matches your business size.

Both versions of OfficeServ Communicator (Basic and Professional) operate in three modes that can be changed on the fly, so you can switch from DeskPhone to SoftPhone or UCPhone whenever you need to.

  • UCPhone mode for connecting to Samsung’s latest line of SMT-iSeries phones, enables specialized functionality such as uploading and downloading contacts from Microsoft® Outlook.
  • SoftPhone mode allows you to dial, answer, release, transfer, hold, or host conference calls right from the desktop, whether you are in the office or on the road.
  • DeskPhone mode provides desktop call control on all non-SMT-iSeries phones.

OfficeServ Communicator Basic

If you’re looking for improved call control and greater convenience, OfficeServ Communicator Basic can provide you with both. You can easily view a list of outgoing and incoming calls and hit redial to return calls you may have missed. Additional features include:

  • Video calling puts co-workers face to face with a click of a mouse, even if there are many miles between them.
  • Audio and video recording to your local PC lets you review what was discussed during a meeting.
  • Phone book for uploading Microsoft Outlook contacts.
  • Click to dial from Communicator or Microsoft Outlook or by highlighting a phone number in any document type (TXT, PDF, DOC, XLS, etc.) using a Free Dial Hot Key.
  • Access network directory service via Microsoft Exchange or a similar server.
  • Configuration tool allows personalization of your phone’s features with ringtones, pictures, and an enhanced phone book.

OfficeServ Communicator Professional with Messenger

OfficeServ Communicator Professional has all the Communicator Basic features and adds instant messaging, collaboration, and presence awareness functions. It even gives users the ability to turn an IM exchange into a video conference or whiteboarding session without interruption.

  • Instant messaging allows for real-time communication between colleagues at a distance.
  • Whiteboarding lets coworkers collaborate and brainstorm with one another right from their desktops.
  • File transfer gives participants in a chat session the ability to exchange files from within the chat window.
  • Presence awareness enables workers to quickly detect a colleague’s availability for a time-sensitive discussion.

OfficeServ Wireless Samsung wireless brochure

Enterprise In-Building Mobility Solutions

SAMSUNG OfficeServ Wireless is setting a new standard for enterprise wireless communication. The new SAMSUNG OfficeServ SMT-W5120 Handset, communicating with SMT-R2000 Dual Band Wireless Access Points, bring a new definition of what power really means to wireless voice and data users.


Samsung 7030

Advanced Technology On a Limited Budget
Small Business Communications Solution
The OfficeServ 7030 is impressive in performance and price. A single, compact, feature-rich platform that integrates the capacities you demand–Voice over IP technology and wireless communications working together as one.

Wireless Enterprise In-Building Mobility Solutions

SAMSUNG Wireless is setting a new standard for enterprise wireless communication. The new SAMSUNG OfficeServ SMT-W5120 Handset, communicating with SMT-R2000 Dual Band Wireless Access Points, bring a new definition of what power really means to wireless voice and data users.

Samsung 7100 Performance Right Out of the Box: A compact hardworking system that expands with your business

The 7100 can expand along with your business in 4-port increments and is capable of handling up to eight incoming lines with as many as 32 stations

Samsung OfficeServ 7200-S

Powerful Technology. Affordable Growth.
Small-to-Midsized Business Communications Solution
The 7200-S is a converged solution that is expandable in smaller increments to grow in pace with your business. It has all the power and versatility you need at a size and price that’s right for you.

Samsung 7200

This converged communication system provides voice, data, wireline, and wireless solutions.

Combining its expertise in wireless, communications, core networks, digital technology and IP functionality, Samsung brings you the 7200 converged communication system. As a completely converged platform, 7200 supports both voice and data communication with powerful, IP-based wired and wireless flexibility.

Samsung OfficeServ 7400

OfficeServ 7400 is the ideal solution for today’s office and your future office offering enhanced communications to handle increasing and evolving traffic patterns. Your OfficeServ 7400 simultaneously supports traditional voice communication, VoIP (Voice over IP), IP-based data communication, and wireless solutions through wireless LANs.

Nexcom OfficeServ-7000 at a Glance

Nexcom 7030 Brochure

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