MP-5000 up to 400 stations-supports SIP Lines

MP5000 The cost of running multiple networks for different voice and data systems can be expensive, difficult and time consuming. Your business needs one network that can handle all forms of communications. The CONVERSip MP5000 allows the convergence of voice and data over one network, so less time is spent managing multiple networks. All voice, data and multimedia traffic runs over standard Ethernet cabling, allowing your business to leverage a single IP infrastructure, reducing network management and maintenance expenses.  Comdial MP5000 Brochure


MP5000 Employees need to manage just a single address for all communications services, while the enterprise can implement presence-based services like Instant Messaging that unleash the full potential of employee collaboration. Your employees can engage in various multimedia sessions including text, voice, video or any combination. By eliminating communication barriers, the your employees to work together and communicate more efficiently.
Merging All of Your Locations as One

If your organization is comprised of local and remote offices, establishing effective communications among these different locations is both challenging and costly. And with teleworking, more employees are working from home. The MP5000 allows you to connect your distributed workforce into a single network that is cost effective and easy to manage.

The MP5000 lets you build a highly distributed and unified network that seamlessly links multiple locations over your Wide Area Network (WAN). By networking MP5000’s and or deploying remote Comdial IP endpoints, intra-office long distance charges become a thing of the past. Calling remote offices is no different than dialing a local extension – just dial the four digit extension. Employees can interact more effectively with coworkers who may be half-way across the country. Centralized voice mail and auto attendant give your customers direct access to every employee. Now your business can operate as one seamless organization –unified and organized.

When deployed with our MP5000 CONVERSip Contact Center application, the MP5000 links your customer relationship management (CRM) systems to your communications infrastructure, enabling a high performance, customer- focused organization. Regardless of your physical locations, the MP5000 helps you cost-effectively deploy and maintain a distributed network that allows customers to reach the right person, right away.

MP5000 Empowering Employees in a High Performance Organization

The MP5000 provides the productivity tools, applications and services that are focused on driving a new way of communicating and working – a way that delivers measurable improvements of your employees to excel at what they do. Real time collaboration with tools such as Instant Messaging, video calling, and advanced presence management empower your team to make better, more precise decisions.

MP5000 Built on Internet Standards

The CONVERSip™ product line is based on the broadly adopted Internet standard Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). MP5000 SIP represents the opportunity to extend new value through simplified integration with other applications and services. For end-users, SIP holds the promise of bringing together disparate communications services and user devices to seamlessly integrate across multiple media. SIP achieves all this by establishing, modifying and terminating “sessions” over IP networks. These sessions could be as basic as a telephone call or as complex as a multi-party mixed media session. Employees need to manage just a single address for all communications services and the enterprise can implement presence-based services like Instant Messaging that unleash the full potential of employee collaboration.

The SIP based EP200 makes use of a “Contact List” usually associated with Instant Messaging. View the status of the individual and click to start a call. And with hot-desking, shift workers can log into the MP5000 from any desk. Once logged in, the system recognizes the user, establishes their unique personal settings such as voice mail and call forwarding settings, and provides instant secure access to your IP communications network. This technology allows you to share and conserve valuable office space without sacrificing individual communication expectations.