FX-II up to 200 stations

FX-II Comdial has achieved the breakthrough smaller companies have been   waiting for … big capabilities at a small price tag. The FX-II is extremely   affordable for companies with as few as twelve employees. Plus, at any time, you   can cost-effectively expand the FX-II to support hundreds of users. As new   technologies evolve, the FX-II is engineered to handle them with its   standards-based architecture.Comdial fx-ii
Big company features

Comdial FXII Brochure

We’ve integrated sophisticated messaging and call control   applications into the FX-II. These big company features enable you to maximize   employee productivity while minimizing your costs. And, since you know that this   system is ready to expand with your growing business, you can be assured that   your initial investment in communications equipment is protected. Your FX-II   from Comdial is ready to meet your needs today and tomorrow.

Powerful, Affordable and Expandable
• PBX functionality and   reliability • Unified messaging (voice, e-mail, fax all-in-one) • Advanced   unified communications • Standards-based architecture to handle future   developments • Multi-site/branch office networking • Support for   telecommuters and remote offices • IP Telephony when you need it •   Investment protection • Easy to install and easy to use
As your   business expands, the FX-II continues to meet your evolving needs. The FX-II   offers a wide variety of expansion options, including support for fiber optics,   multiple options for networking as well as supporting traditional T-1/PRI   circuits and advanced IP telephony.

The FX II can function as a stand-alone system, or as part of a   network of FX-II cabinets installed in multiple locations by connecting the FX-II to your existing corporate network (either a LAN or WAN). All your employees   gain instant access, no matter whether they are at branch locations,   telecommuting, or on the road (requires Comdial’s advanced iPrimo SCS IP   telephone).

With FX-II a global IP network in place, remote users can use the very   same features available to local users via their Comdial Impact   telephone.
Take Control with Voice Processing

FX-II Voice processing gives you total control over the flow of message   information Effective and flexible voice processing enhances all areas of your   business. The FX-II supports an exciting portfolio of full-featured voice   processing software. Our products offer the same communication tools employed by   the most successful large businesses: real-time call routing and screening,   automatic attendant, voice messaging, message filtering, unified messaging,   text-to-speech message retrieval, fax mail, plus much more.

FX-II Callers will be impressed with the seamless performance of Small   Office (for up to 100 mailboxes) and Corporate Office (for up to 10,000   mailboxes). They combine state-of-the-art voice processing features with the   reliability and convenience of Microsoft® Windows®. Both programs feature   advanced auto attendant and sophisticated feature sets, as well as call   forwarding, call queuing, custom greetings, and message notification.

Interchange™ unified messaging

When you combine Comdial’s FX-II with Interchange unified   messaging, voice mail, e-mail, and faxes merge into a single mailbox, allowing   total control over the flow of message information that is so vital to the   success of a business. Messages move between communication devices without   regard to message type. This gives your staff the freedom to access all their   voice, fax, and e-mail messages from a PC or a telephone. When accessing   messages by phone, our sophisticated text-to-speech software lets you hear all   your messages without the need of a digital display.

Impact Attendant

You depend on the person who answers your phones to respond to all   callers professionally and efficiently. Your attendant gives the first impression of your company, and it’s important to make the first impression a positive one! Your operator and FX-II Impact Attendant make a powerful team to properly direct incoming calls, track down staff members, and initiate   conference calls – all while conveying warmth and a smile, along with an air of   professional confidence. Give your attendant the control, flexibility, and tools   to best represent your company to the world. With Impact Attendant, it’s easy to   use real-time displays to handle every call promptly and professionally. At a   glance, the attendant can determine who is currently on the phone, the length of   calls in progress, and more! Your attendant can answer the telephone and   transfer conference calls with the simple click of a mouse using intuitive hot   keys.

FX-II Corporate Call

With the addition of FX-II Corporate Call, your entire staff can take   advantage of the same unified communications features available to your   attendant. FX-II Corporate Call works with Microsoft Outlook so that users can manage   calls from their personal computers. Plus, making a call with Corporate Call is   easy. Just click on an entry in your Microsoft contacts or personal address   book, and the system dials the number for you. What could be simpler?

Optimize Your Call Center with FX-II

With the FX-II, you can optimize call center productivity and help   satisfy your customers. With the built-in flexibility offered by the FX-II,   you’ll be surprised how easy it is to tailor your call center to your unique   needs. You’ll benefit from the many features of the FX-II, such as real-time   status updates, caller ID, and DID. You can automatically route inbound calls to   the right customer service agent based on unique guidelines that you set up.   Want more flexibility? You can establish a unique wrap-up time to finish   transaction processing after each call is completed, as well as incorporate more   advanced functions. You decide what you need to make your call center run   smoothly and efficiently.

FX-II Unified Communication Solutions

You’ll improve your call center’s productivity and customer   satisfaction immediately with Comdial’s sophisticated call center solutions.

FX-II Call center managers can monitor all call center activities using   their desktop computer screen. This gives them the vital information to shift   calls as needed, based on call volume or other factors that you decide to   monitor. With the addition of an optional electronic wallboard display, everyone   in your call center can know the status of all calls. Comdial’s comprehensive   call management reports provide the tools call center managers need to   anticipate and react immediately to changes in call flow, identify and measure   lost calls, and monitor staff performance. You can easily determine staffing   requirements, identify peak call times, review historical data or obtain an   immediate snapshot view of real-time call activity. You can also set up   reports in a variety of formats utilizing Microsoft Access® and Excel®.

Stylish, reliable, feature-rich telephones

The FX-II supports the popular Comdial Impact™ family of digital   telephones, including the elite line of Impact SCS™ phones. Impact telephones   provide a wide selection of models to choose from, including Comdial’s iPrimo™   IP telephone. With iPrimo, you can easily plug into your Wide Area Network or   Local Area Network data port for instant access to the network. The large screen   display provides you with important information at a glance.