DX-80 up to 48 stations

DX-80 Comdial An all-in-one communications system that’s
affordable, easy to use, and loaded with
great features — including integrated voice
mail options with live call screening,
auto attendant, plus much more!COMDIAL DX80 32 Button Digital Display/Speakerphone  (7260-00)  Refurbished

DX-80 Key Features:
Account Code – Verified, Forced/Unforced
Alarm Clock – Extension, System
Alarm Key – Diagnostics Alert
Alpha-Numeric Display (Super Twist)
DX-80 Attendant Administration
Attendant/Extension Console
Automated Attendant (Optional) (includes Alternate Ringing Mode)
Automatic Redial
Automatic Hold
Automatic Line Selection (Programmable)
DX-80 Automatic Ring Mode Operation
Barge In (Part of Intrusion)
Background Music (Two Channels Standard) (Music on Hold)
Battery Back Up (Memory) (System via optional 3rd party UPS)
Busy Ring Allow/Deny
Call Back (CO Lines/Extension)
DX-80 Call Duration Timer
Call Forward – CO Line Predefined
Call Forward – Extension – Busy
Call Forward – Extension – Direct
Call Forward – Extension – No Answer
Call Forward – Extension – Follow From
DX-80 Call Forward – Extension – Follow To
Call Forward – Extension – External
Call Forward – Ext. Predefined – Wrong No.
Call Forward – Ext. Predefined – No Answer
Call Forward – Ext. Predefined – Busy
DX-80 Caller ID (Standard on all Lines)
(Telephone Company Subscription Required)
Caller ID – Call Table (100-System)
Caller ID to Analog Ports
Call Operator/Attendant (Programmable Code)
Call Park (Easy per Extension Operation)
Call Park Answer
DX-80 Call Pick Up – Direct, Group
Camp On – Extension
Class Of Service – CO Line
Class Of Service – Extension
CO Line Alternate Route
DX-80 CO Line Group (Pooled Access)
CO Line Loop Supervision (Call Abandon)
CO Line Name Programming (7-Character)
CO Line Programming Copy
CO Line Queuing (CO Line Call Back)
DX-80 CO Line Ringing Mode (Day, Eve)
CO Line Signaling (Tone/Pulse)
CO Line Assignment (Complete Flexibility)
CO Line Receive Assignment (Allows answering ability
while restricting outgoing access)
DX-80 CO Line Ring Assignment
CO Line Type Assignment (PBX, CO, Device Port)
Conference – Supervised, Unsupervised
Conference – Forced Release
Conference – Private Connection
Database Programming via Key Telephone
DX-80 Database Programming via PC-DBA
Dial Pad Confirmation Tone
Direct Inward System Access (DISA) (Optional with AAM)
Direct Station Selection/Busy Lamp Field
Discriminating Ringing (Internal/External Call Specific)
Distinctive Ringing – CO Line, Extension
DX-80 Do Not Disturb
Do Not Disturb – One Time
Do Not Disturb – Override

End to End Signaling
Enhanced Lettering Scheme
Extension Feature Status Check
Extension Groups (Paging, Pick UP)
Extension Password
Extension Programming Copy
Extension Swapping
Extension User Name (7 Character)
External Music Source (Two Standard)
DX-80 External Paging
Fax Detection with Automatic Transfer
(Every 4th Line) (Every Line with Optional VM)
Feature Cancel
Feature Code List
Feature Key Cancel
DX-80 Flexible Feature Button Inquiry
Flexible Extension Numbering Plan
Flexible Feature Button Programming
Flexible System Numbering Plan
Forced Intercom Call Forward
Forced Intercom Tone Ring
Forced Release
DX-80 Headset Jack
Headset Mode
Hold Abandon
Holding Call Answer/Select
Hold – Common (System)
Hold – Exclusive
Hold Reminder
DX-80 Hot Key
Hot Line
Hour Mode Selection
Hunt Groups (via UCD-Linear)
I-Hold Indication
I-Use Indication
DX-80 Intercom Key
Intercom Mode Selection
Intercom Non Blocking
Intrusion – Extension/CO Line
Last Number Redial
Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) on every phone
LCD Interactive Buttons
Loud Bell Control (Gate/EP./LBC)
DX-80 Meet Me Conference
Meet Me Page
Memo Pad
Message – Status Text
Message – Extension Text Messaging
Message Waiting
Monitor – Extension via Monitor COS
Music On Hold (Two Input Sources)
Muted Ringing
Name In Display
Night Service Activate
Night Service Mode
On Hook Dialing
Page Allow/Deny
Pause Insertion
PBX Compatibility
PC Database Administration
Phone Lock/Unlock
Privacy Release
Private Line
Pulse to DTMF Conversion
Release Key
Reminder Tones
Remote Programming via PC-DBA
Ringing Line Priority
Room Status (Hotel Feature)
Saved Number Redial
Single Line Telephone/Analog Device
Single Line Telephone CO Line Flash
Single Line Telephone Hotline
Speed Dial – 1000 # Capacity
– Extension – 50 Possible Per Ext.
(1000 Max)
– System – 200 At Default
(1000 Max Possible)
Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR)
System Time/Date
Tenant Groups (3)
Toll Restriction
Tone/Inter-Digit Duration Selection
Transfer and Answer Call
Universal Call Distribution (24 Groups)
(Linear/All Ring/Distributed)
DX-80 UCD Agent Log Off/Log On
UCD Overflow (2 announcements possible)
UCD Reroute Destination
UCD Voice Announce Group
User Name Programming
Virtual Number
Voice Announce – Hands Free Reply
Voice Announce – Busy Ext. Hands Free Reply