Panasonic HD Visual Communications

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Visual Communications  Distance is no longer a barrier

The Panasonic HD Visual Communications System makes it possible to instantaneously communicate and collaborate with colleagues and industry experts wherever they happen to be. With full Panasonic HD 1080i video and 360° audio delivered over a standard broadband connection, the Panasonic HDVC System allows companies to save money by reducing travel and improving productivity.

The Panasonic HD Visual Communication System includes:

    • 360 Degree Full Duplex Audio No more leaning in to the microphone to be heard. The circular speaker allows participants seated anywhere at the table to be heard clearly.
    • Real Time Panasonic Full HD Visual Communications Video 1080i resolution provides a crystal clear picture, allowing the smallest of details to be seen.
    • 2nd Moveable Camera Included Panasonic HDVC brings real-time collaboration to a whole new level, with a mobile HD camera that can be moved around the room. Ideal for exploring an issue on a device with minute details, or medical diagnoses.
    • Improved interoperability Performance of HDVC PC sharing with non-Panasonic products has been improved, allowing for 720p image or resized image to meet high presentation standards for a remote site.
    • HD Visual Communications is Easy, User-Friendly Operation Pre-set dials and a one-touch connection allow time to be spent on the discussion, not setting up.
    • Low Bandwidth Support Minimum required IP rates of 192Kbps audio transmission only, 256Kbps for Audio and Video transmission, 1.5Mbps for Full HD (1080p) Audio and Video Transmission.
    • Easy Connection Effortlessly make 2-point or multi-point call via a company’s SIP server.
    • Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) camera control Allows for pan and tilt capability for both local and remote cameras with HDVC’s remote control.
    • Split Screen (People and Data)* In a multipoint call allows all sides can see all other sites and the data being shared (charts, graphs and other presentation materials from a PC) at the same time. **Note: The split screen feature (composite display) is available when all sites begin sharing a PC screen using a KX-VC600 running software version 2.3


KX-VC600 HD Visual Communications
Model # KX-VC600
HD Visual Communications System featuring full HD 1080i images, full duplex audio, stable connection, easy operation, and low bandwidth consumption


KX-VC500 HD Visual Communications System
Model # KX-VC500
HD Visual Communications System
*High quality full-HD images.
*Hold clear 2-way conversations with broadband stereo and the original Panasonic Echo Canceller.
* Knows what direction voices are coming from by using a special microphone equipped with a direction recognition function (Optional).


KX-VC300 HD Visual Communications
Model # KX-VC300
HD Visual Communications System featuring HD 720p images, full duplex audio, stable connection, easy operation, and low bandwidth consumption

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