NEC SL1100 Phone Systems

The Smart Communication for Small Business In California(CA)

The NEC SL1100 telephone system is an integrated communication solution that allows you to take the benefits in terms of productivity enhancing the IP applications that can increase your performance throughout your business operations.

The SL1100 has a low running costs and are highly energy efficient, which contributes in fine fettle environment. To add more to the SL1100s the’ green credentials’, there is also available a wide range of home working options and built in conferencing.

SL1100 handsets are available in black or white, with IP and digital options.

The SL1100 plug and play kits includes the following features:

Are they worth money ?

Well the answer is Yes, completely!

  • NEC SL1100 has the most Powerful communications with a small business price tag which easily fits into your budget.
  • Pay only according to your requirements, with a completely scalable solution.
  • Considerably it makes the use of your communications more impactfully at a low operational price.

Easy to use: User friendly

  • Instinctual features that the whole team can use at your office, without the need for training.
  • The most reliable- Desktop phones, wireless handsets and other applications incorporated by the shortcuts that speed up the working processes.
  • Lastly,  time-saving applications entitle your team to become more productive and proficient.

  How about Lean and Go- Green?

  • NEC- SL1100 are highly energy efficient, contributing to a healthier environment at your workplace.
  •  Application like built-in conferencing for a greener approach to the business meetings.
  • A good range of remote or home office options to help lower fuel outpouring.

Keep your team connected.

  • You can also use your mobile phone to stay connected through your company, from anywhere and from wherever you want.
  • The DECT wireless communications maximizes reachability from anywhere on your business premises.
  • Be updated!- by never missing an important message, with the enhanced voicemail.
Phone Specifications:
KSU (Control Unit) The SL1100 Key Service Unit (KSU) is powerfully designed, plus it is well-equipped to handle 8 digital and 4 analog stations right out of the box, Whereas it is also capable of expansion.
Mobile Extension Licenses Well it allows a cell phone to link to the NEC SL1100, along with operating it as an internal single-line telephone. (Remember Each mobile extension takes up an analog port into the system.)
4-Port CO Trunk Daughter Board This feature supplies four loop-start CO trunks for your SL1100 PBX phone system.
Digital 12-Button Telephones (Black) This full duplex speakerphones have a backlit keypad with the soft keys, plus an adjustable angle, programmable keys with LEDs, 4 feature keys, navigation keys, a headset port, a 20-number personal directory, a 1000-number system/group directory, a built-in wall mount kit, 8 selectable ring tones, a dual-color call indicator lamp, and a power saving sleep mode.
2-Port Inmail Voicemail The business voicemail is a great selection for a huge company, providing 2 ports X 15 hours of storage capacity.

Also it also includes a pre-loaded, professionally recorded On-Hold Message, with studio quality background music.Pre-Loaded On-Hold MusicYou will not lose callers when you place them on hold now! – The pre-loaded application in  your InMail voicemail with professional, studio quality music on-hold.6-Month Advanced ReplacementFree 6 Mo. Advance Replacement on all System Parts & Phones.Professional Auto-Attendant GreetingThe start off- with sounding great with a Free 50-Word Customizable greetings, Professionally Recorded Auto-Attendant Greeting.