The IPitomy is a powerful business communications platform. A pure IP PBX designed to expand the capabilities of any business, IPitomy extends the power of IP Telephony to businesses with up to 500 users. The IPitomy converges the present with the future telecommunications and will grow with your business assuring a smooth transition into the future.


With features designed for today’s complex business environment and flexible capabilities for all of your future needs, IPitomy is the smart choice for business telecommunications. With the IPitomy managers and business owners have instant insight into employee status any time, any where…who’s on the phone… who;s away from their desks… when calls are going unanswered. With valuable information like that, your business can respond immediately to changes in customer and market demands, giving you that all important edge over your competitors. Communicate quickly simply across your entire company whether employees are in the office, on the road, or telecommuting from home. Your communications world just got a lot smaller. IPitomy leverages IP telephony and SIP technology to make state-of-the-art tools like softphones, remote phones, and branch office networking practical and affordable solutions for entrepreneurial business owners who want the best. wherever your employees are located, with IPitomy they can now communicate with each other just as if they were in the same physical location.wifi_module

Telecommunications has been undergoing unprecedented innovation, driven by the fast paced evolution of technology. The information technology revolution brought about by the Internet has spurred world-wide growth of connectivity and infrastructure. Legacy telecommunications services are being replaced by SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) which is rapidly becoming the norm in business communications. The big advantage of SIP is that it makes voice and other media travel on the same data pipeline like the rest of the Internet. IPitomy can become your own cloud communications platform that can increase efficiency and reduce expenses dramatically.

Q-Manager  IPitomy A Power Tool For Your Company IPitomy’s powerful ACD solution provides incredible capabilities to get your customers connected to the right agent fast.

Agents and Supervisors get the big picture when using Q-Manager. Q-Manager provides insight into all queued calls and agent status. All User and Agent Status is encapsulated in a small panel that provides lots of information about the user/agent at a glance. This avoids cumbersome additional screens for displaying information. Displaying all user/agent status in a single panel leaves more room on the screen to get the big picture without complicating training.Q-Manager can display many more calls in a smaller space than most competitors products while displaying much more information. The screen below shows 25 Agents at a glance. Panels can be resized to suit users preference.


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