What’s The Hullabaloo With Hullabaloo Communications?

Hullabaloo is a responsive and professional business that provides real business value, advice and excellent ongoing support for any business that operates an IP Telephone System. As an independent communications provider we use BT networks to deliver our calls and actively ensure our lines work to the optimal level.

As any business will tell you having that all important personal communication with customers is paramount to building relationships and optimising sales. An IP telephone system is the core tool to facilitate this relationship and brings all businesses and their potential customers together.
So what exactly is an IP telephone system?
An IP telephone system, or Internet Protocol System, is a general term for the technologies that use the Internet Protocol packed-switched connections to exchange voice, fax and other forms of information that have been traditionally exchanged over dedicated circuit-switched connections of the public switched telephone network. Through the use of the Internet an IP telephone system ensures that calls travel as packets of data on shared lined, therefore avoiding the tolls of the public switched telephone network. The challenge of the IP telephone system is to deliver the voice, fax or video connections in a reliable flow to the user.
Where does VoIP fit into all this?
VoIP is a present organised effort to standardise the IP telephone system. IP telephony is an important part of the convergence of integration between computers, telephones and the television into a single-integrated environment. It is this technology that allows computers to mange single telephone calls and streamlines services sufficiently.
If you’d like to have a look at the complete range of telephone system solutions that Hullabaloo Communications is able to offer you from telephone systems for SME’s to feature phones and headsets and the complete Panasonic computer integration and call management software that Hullabaloo can offer its clients then come and visit us online at: www.hullabaloocomms.com.