How a Virtual Telephone Can Help Your Business

A virtual telephone is undoubtedly one of the most exciting innovations of the telecom industry. No wonder businesses are clamoring to acquire a virtual phone because they feel it can change the way of their business. A virtual phone system does not need any hardware, software or installation.  In fact, there are quite a few service providers of this phone system and you can have a free trial with most of them. This gives you an opportunity to assess the phone system before using it for business. You can also determine whether this phone service is suitable for your business or not.

Helps to Grow Business

Once you start using a virtual telephone, it will be easier for customers to reach you and this can help in expanding the customer base and boosting sales. You have to dedicate all your time in finding ways to grow the business, meeting customers and prospects. Your time is precious and it can hardly be wasted in such unproductive jobs as answering unimportant calls received on the business number. But that is also important. After all, telephone is the most common communicative device and customers will prefer to dial it.

Makes You More Productive

Hiring a receptionist might prove to be expensive especially for a small business. The best alternative is to use a virtual telephone. The auto attendant of this phone system will answer all the calls and direct it to the right person or department. You can also set a customizable business greeting that will greet anybody who calls your business number. The phone system also allows you to screen and answer the phone calls, so that no unimportant call can take a share of the precious time.

Allows You to Work from Anywhere

Another major advantage with a virtual telephone is that it allows to work from anywhere. There’s no need to remain glued to the work desk indefinitely waiting for a phone call or for a fax message. Incoming calls can be routed to your cell phone (of course by using a virtual phone) and voice mails can be delivered to your inbox. Fax messages can also be forwarded to emails with a link to the attachment in PDF format. You can do work seamlessly away from office and yet remain connected to colleagues and customers.

Reduced Chances of Losing Business

Call screening of a virtual telephone helps to keep you away from unimportant calls. If you do not want to receive an important call when you are busy, simply forward it to the voice-mail box. This minimizes chances of losing a possible business opportunity. It is also possible to set the day and time when you are available on each number. The phone system actually hunts you down to deliver the call.


Another very important feature of a virtual telephone is its scalability. A virtual phone system can actually grow with a business. Whenever you need an extra connection, just add it to your account. Each of the employees can also customize the features of the phone system like call forwarding, voicemail, etc.

All these help to boost the image of a business and also its sales.  It also helps to improve employee productivity and quality of customer service.