Get 800 Numbers for Your Business – NOW!

Right connections can give a business a new direction. For example, 800 numbers – these numbers show a business a whole new way and direction. Successful marketers and business owners acknowledge that providing an affordable and convenient way for customers to reach them is their top priority and this is why toll free numbers are a necessity. 800 numbers not only make phone calls for customers free and convenient but they also make a business look professional, stable and credible. While looking for toll free numbers entrepreneurs need to be sure of one thing – these numbers now have prefixes other than “800”. The new list of toll free prefixes includes 888, 877, 866 and the latest 855.

Nationwide Access within Budget

If a business does not have 800 number services and is looking to get one, this is just the perfect time. The deregulation of 1800 numbers by FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has given rise to fierce competition amongst different service providers. This has paved the way for businesses to access affordable toll free numbers throughout the US and Canada. Service providers offer flexible and affordable plans and packages and there’s no reason why a small business or a start-up should not use this number service.

Relevant for Every Business

The new toll free prefixes are developed in order to cater to the needs of businesses. More and more businesses are opting for these numbers. Small businesses, home based businesses and online marketers are also interested in using these numbers. As a result, there has been a dearth of this number. To avoid situations like this and to encourage the use of 800 numbers among businesses, FCC has released a new set of toll free prefix – 855.

How These Numbers Help a Business to Grow

When a business uses a number of this kind, its customers and prospects feel comfortable in calling them and inquiring about their products/services. This is because they are not worried about the phone bill that they have to pay.

800 numbers also play an important role in customer service. When a customer is calling a business for some help or with a complaint it is unwise to charge the caller, especially if the caller has a complaint. Moreover, using one such number in the contact information of a business convinces a customer about the service he can expect post purchase of the product/service.

Using 1 800 phone numbers is probably the simplest and cheapest way of making a business look professional and credible. As soon as a customer spots one such number in the contact information of a business, he/she finds the business to be credible and stable.

800 numbers hold testimony to this fact – only a credible and professional organization can plan for a free phone service for his customers.

Vanity 800 number is a special kind of 1 800 number that makes a phone number memorable. These numbers contain a combination of letters and numbers that closely relate the phone number to the business it is associated with. These numbers are more successful in marketing and marketing campaigns than a numeric toll free number.