Business Phone Systems in Santa Monica

Despite there being an abundance of ways to communicate in today’s technological age, Businesses still rely, to a great degree, on the phone systems. Nexcom Digital is the ideal place to contact when you’re looking for a cost-effective Business Phone System for either a small or large business. Most prevailing technologies these days include PBX system and VOIP system. Depending on the size and need of your business you should be able to decide which one would be best for you.

The Nexcom Digital will work with a variety of local corporation as one of the best local business phone systems and VoIP provider in the area.

PBX Phone Systems in Santa Monica

Private Branch Exchange (PBX) phone systems have taken on a completely different level from the conventional telephone and fax services they were much known-for. They’re ideal for businesses having 3 dozen or more employees. Some of the new features that PBXs these days come with are :

  • Voice Mail
  • Auto Attendants
  • Remote Extensions
  • Call Management,
  • Fax To Email Service

Some of the most modern systems also come with voice enabled auto attendants. You don’t even need to install specialized telephones to avail all these features. PBX allows you to access more phones than the ones operable via physical phone lines.It provides you with advanced features without the need for major investment and is therefore very cost-effective.

VoIP Phone Systems in Santa Monica

Internet is being put to use to almost every facet of businesses these days and it can’t go without its influence on one of the key spheres i.e communications. A great many businesses of all types are availing the use of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to satisfy their telecommunication needs. VoIPs replace the use of conventional phone lines with computer networks for transmission of voice calls. Some of the key benefits of VoIP over traditional phone system are discussed below :

Saves Money :

Communication is an important aspect of the business, and no wonder a lot of time is spent on making and taking calls to/from employees, customers, vendors or clients. Evidently you have to pay for each minute you spend communicating on the phone. Your bills tend to go even higher if you’re making international calls, as they’re even more expensive than the local calls/national calls. But with the VoIP, you don’t have to worry about any of that. The medium VoIP uses for establishing communication is internet, and therefore the only cost you have to pay is your monthly internet bill. VoIP ensures that your monthly costs are not fluctuating  from time to time, and are of a fixed amount.

Studies have shown that using VoIP actually allows you to save 40% on the local and 90% on the international calls. This can save a lot of money. Therefore, VoIP is the way to go for both small and large businesses for their communication needs.

Conferencing :

On traditional phones only 2 people can be taking at one point of time, but with VoIP you can establish a conference where a whole business team can participate in the real time. VoIP allows more data to be handled over the carrier by compressing the data packets during transmission. The outcome is handling of more calls on a single access line.

Inexpensive hardware and software:

The hardware and software requirements for using a VoIP are very affordable and should fit most people’s budget. If you’re planning on getting the VoIP for voice communication, the only hardware you’ll need besides your computer and the internet connection is a sound card, speakers and microphone. comparing that with the cost you’ll spend on getting a telephone set along with its underlying equipment, it makes sense to opt for VoIPs.


VoIP comes packed with a variety of exciting and helpful features to make your experience even better. Caller ID, Contact Lists, Voicemail, Extra-virtual numbers add convenience to your telecommunication needs.

Nexcom Digital provides Santa Monica with the best solutions for your Business phone systems. Choosing the right business phone system is crucial to your workplace’s environment. Our services are designed to cut costs and improve efficiency. There are a few factors you’ll have to consider when buying a phone system. In the end, the one satisfying the greatest needs of your business, while ensuring cost-reductions should be your obvious choice. At Nexcom we specialize in meeting your business phone system’s needs. We are among some of the most esteemed Santa Monica VoIP service providers.

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