Xchange for Samsung Mobile Client (Xchange Mobile) is an application for Android mobile phones and tablets that connects to an Xchange for Samsung server enabling dialing and collaboration features between mobile and office users of Xchange for Samsung. Anytime, Anywhere!

Dialing Features:

  • Outbound from the mobile phone
  • Inbound to your mobile phone
  • Calling from shared corporate address book
  • Deskphone mode
  • Softphone mode

Key Benefits:

  • Call co-workers directly in the office even if they do not have a DID (Direct inward dial) number
  • Many mobile phone call plans allow for one or more pre-nominated landline numbers to be included in the mobile bundle, effectively making them free of charge. If the DID number associated with the Dial Through (or Auto-Attendant) feature of the office telephone system is nominated as such, then all users of Xchange Mobile can call office extensions free of charge.
  • Reduce mobile phone charges by using the convenience of dialing from a mobile device but forcing the call through the telephone system. If the mobile phone dials external numbers via the office telephone system then calls can be made at the rates associated with the telephone system not the mobile handset. These rates can be significantly cheaper than the cost of a direct mobile call, especially for international calls. The call is then also subjected to the rules of the phone system such as call barring or recording and reporting.
  • Accessing the Xchange shared address book allows the mobile user to quickly access and call important external contacts without needing to store each number in the mobile phone contacts list.

Collaboration Benefits:

  • Check status of co-workers before calling them.
  • Send them a chat message if they are unavailable.
  • Office based co-workers can check if you are engaged on your mobile phone call.
  • Update co-workers of your availability from your Android device.
  • Remotely set destination of incoming office calls (for example to a home phone). This could be useful if your mobile device is low on power or you want to reduce the cost of the re-directed call.

Geo-Location Features

Xchange Mobile can be configured by the user of the device to report a text description of their geographical location back to the Xchange server. The location of the mobile device is made visible to the user’s co-workers via the location field in the Presence screen of the PC Xchange client (note: only the PC client supports this feature).

Provisioning & Security Features

Xchange Mobile user configurations can be pre-configured on the server so that the end user need only enter the IP address of the Xchange server after installing the app on the phone. The server will recognise the user’s mobile and automatically provision user parameters (note: manual set up is also available).

When Xchange Mobile client makes a connection to an Xchange server it is authenticated by user name and password. Once the connection is established, SSL can be used to encrypt the transfer of data between the client and server.

The use of Dial Thru (DISA) is controlled by the configuration of the Samsung Telephone system. Please refer to your system maintainer for further details.

Where can I download the latest versions of Xchange for Samsung Mobile Client?

Collaborate on the go from your Android! Xchange for Samsung mobile app is available on the Play Store (licence required for use). Alternatively, scan the QR code below with your phone to visit the app’s Play Store page.

Click to visit the app's Play Store page
Scan with your phone to visit the app's Play Store page

Important Pre-requisites:

  • Xchange Mobile requires Xchange for Samsung Server version 2.3.10 or later. Fast Dial, Security and Provisioning features require 2.3.13.
  • Android 2.3 or later.
  • Additional Xchange licensing may be required. Please consult with your reseller.
  • The following features require a Wi-Fi/3G (or better) data connection between the mobile phone and the Xchange server:
    • Extension presence
    • Chat messaging
    • Search of shared address book
    • Call History
    • On / Off toggle of mobile twinning
    • Fast dial