Analyzing a Virtual Telephone

A telephone system has always been at the center of a company’s communication system. Businesses now have the luxury of choosing from a wider range of phone systems but there was a time when businesses hardly have any choice, other than the age old PBX system. Since today is an age of choice and alternatives, it is important that you choose the best telephone system for your business – a phone system that is reliable and yet not expensive.  Businesses must also ensure that they are able to be contacted at all times. A virtual telephone perfectly meets all the needs. It is not expensive, it is reliable and dedicated to keeping you in contact with customers without interfering with your busy schedule.

Works Seamlessly without Human Intervention

A virtual telephone is in reality nothing but a virtual PBX that has all the features of an advanced phone system with a few extras. You can use a virtual phone number, which again allows you to create extensions for every employee or department. When a customer calls your virtual phone, he is automatically answered by the auto attendant, who then forwards the call to the respective department or employee.  It works seamlessly after business hours and during weekends. You can edit the message of an auto attendant so that it perfectly greets callers after business hours or on weekends.

Economically Better than a PBX

Economically, a virtual telephone is a better option than a PBX. It does not need any expensive hardware, software or installation. It also does not need a separate telephone line. It can work with any of your phones. It can be used with a standard landline at home or office, or with a normal cell phone connection. It allows employees to go mobile and yet be contacted in the most professional way. It also allows users to screen a call before answering it. Calls can be forwarded directly to the voicemail box, if you do not want to answer them right away. Many businesses prefer to answer business calls using a virtual phone because it allows answering calls in the most professional way. It also helps businesses create an illusion of being a big company.

Allows Using Online Fax

The advantages of using a virtual telephone are not limited to this. It also allows you to do other important business work seamlessly while you are away from the office or on the go, for example, using online fax. An online fax, also known as virtual fax, allows faxing without any fax machine. It helps you to send and receive fax from a laptop or from a smart phone or tablet from home, car or from a hotel. It is reliable, faster and cost effective.

Maintains the Same Professional Tone

Using a virtual telephone, you can forward business calls to cell phones or to office phones. Since the auto attendant greets the caller in the same professional manner and forwards the call to your cell phone or home phone, the caller gets the same professional feeling as when he calls an office number. This is a big bonus for mobile workers.