A Virtual Telephone Helps in Maintaining Your Corporate Identity

The world is increasingly becoming mobile. Businesses now operate from multiple locations and colleagues are scattered all across the country.  Managers, customers, partners and colleagues are struggling to maintain connectivity among them.  A virtual telephone is actually a boon to this mobile workforce. It helps them connect and maintain the same corporate identity no matter where they are working from – home, office, or from their car. Maintaining a corporate identity is important for the success of any business because that helps a business to develop a brand. Below is a brief description of the various ways that a virtual telephone can help your business:

Brand Your Business

Corporate greetings

Once you record your message on the auto attendant of a virtual telephone, it will play that message to receive each of your callers and direct him to the right person or department. In other words, it creates a standard for answering your customers’ calls over the phone. A virtual phone helps you to adhere to the standards of your company even when you are working from home or from any other location. This actually helps to create and maintain a single corporate identity.

You can also use a vanity toll free number with your virtual phone. A vanity number also helps you to develop your brand. Moreover, it helps in the easy distribution of your business number so that people become aware of your presence. You should use your vanity number on your corporate website, your social networking sites, and visual advertisements – in a word everywhere.

CIOs Using Virtual Phone

The CIOs of most of the organizations are aware that mobile workforce is becoming more and more of a new trend in business. At times your employees need to go mobile because of business needs and sometimes it is simply a way to attract and retain the best talents. So it is a challenge for the CIOs to maintain their corporate identity. This is one of the reasons why they prefer that their employees should use branded merchandise like branded T-shirts, coffee mugs, water bottles, pens, etc. This is fine when your employees are travelling or in a client meeting but how do you present your brand over the phone? After all, telephone is the most important way of communicating. The best way is to use the same greetings and same message no matter which number or extension your customers are dialling. This is why CIOs are opting for a virtual telephone for their purpose.

Staying Close to Customers

The need to stay close to your customers is more critical now than ever. The success of your business depends on how good your customer service is. So you should find out a way so that your customers can reach you anytime and you can listen to their problem and solve it as soon as possible. But since it is not actually possible that you will be available 24/7 to answer them, use a virtual telephone! Even if you cannot answer a call because you are busy, your phone system will forward it to your voicemail box, where your caller can leave a voice message for you and they can expect a call back from you. So you need not worry about your customers, they are never far from you.