Virtual Phone for the Real Estate Professional

In today’s time people are working less in the office and therefore the need for a virtual telephone system is growing. One industry where the need for a virtual phone becomes even more relevant is Real Estate.  A real estate professional is perhaps someone who needs seamless and reliable connectivity with his customers all the time. It is also equally essential for them to maintain a professional image.  This is how a virtual phone can help a realtor in his business:

Informational Extensions

You can provide your customers the information they need without even talking to them! When a customer calls your toll free number listed outside a property they are interested in, they can hear specific information about the property including the housing details, the contact information just at the press of few buttons. The auto attendant of your virtual telephone helps your customers in accessing the right information.

A Portable Phone System

A real estate professional cannot remain tied to his desk waiting for customer’s call. When they are out on the road they can use a virtual telephone. They enjoy all the professional benefits of using this communication system – professional greetings, call routing, voicemail box and others. Moreover, a virtual phone uses caller ID that captures all the information of your customer. So you enjoy all the benefits of a traditional communication system without being glued to desk and wires.

Call Routing and Screening

Real estate agents can also use the call routing and screening features of a virtual telephone to route and screen calls without interrupting their scheduled calls or important meetings. It helps a realtor decide which call needs more attention and should be answered immediately and which call can be routed to his voicemail box so that he can get back to them at an appropriate time.

Enhanced Call Forwarding

A virtual telephone has a special feature called Follow-Me-Find-Me that can locate you to more than one phone numbers of your choice.  You can provide the phone numbers to your phone system; where you want to forward the calls, and also set the day and time when you are available on each number and the phone system will hunt you down to deliver your calls.

Voicemail Box

If you are not available to answer the call, the virtual telephone forwards it to your voicemail box.   The system sends alerts to multiple email addresses, your mobile device or a call notification to your landline or mobile phone number as soon as there’s a new voice message. Voicemails can also be read in emails. When a customer leaves a message in your voicemail box, your system immediately delivers it to your email inbox with a link to listen to the message. To listen to the message you simply click on the link. They can also get to know about their callers because a virtual phone uses caller ID to capture information.

Toll Free Number

Realtors can also benefit by using toll free number with their virtual telephone.  You can put your toll free number and extension on direct mailers, hangers, classifieds and lawn signs and when people call in they can listen to hear about the features of the house – how many rooms, the yard, how old it is, any newly added features, etc.  They can also leave a message to have someone call them back.