A Virtual Phone System Helps Your Mobile Workers to Comply with Company Standards

One of the biggest changes in today’s business world is the growing number of workers in the mobile workforce. This does not mean that people are traveling more because of business. In fact, a report by the National Business Travel Association shows that business travel has decreased by more than 14 percent in 2009. The growing number of mobile workers is the consequence of a unique blending of personal life and professional life that has never been seen before. Thanks to the modern tools and devices, today’s professionals can stay connected and work from anywhere.

Employees can use their own personal devices like smart phones and tablets and can use gtalk or Skype to stay connected with their colleagues, customers and partners. But this might compromise the security of the company and moreover, it might not comply with the branding of the company. The best solution to this challenge is to sign up for a virtual phone system.

Stay Connected Always

A virtual phone system allows your employees to stay connected with their colleagues and employees without compromising the business standards or security standards of the company. You can use a toll free number with your virtual telephone. When you use a toll free number for your business, it actually helps your business in many ways. First, your customers and partners can call you for free, even if they are calling from far away. Second, a toll free 1 800 number with a virtual phone system allows you to create extensions – for each department or for each employee, according to your needs. Employees can forward calls to their cell phones or any other phones. In fact, a virtual phone allows you to forward calls to more than one phone number and you can also specify the day and time when you would like to answer calls on a particular number.  Your employees can answer their customers following all of the business standards of your company.

Complying with Norms Away From Office

A virtual phone system also allows your colleagues to transfer calls between them. It doesn’t matter whether your colleague is sitting next to you or you are geographically apart, you can easily transfer calls without your customer knowing how far apart you are. If an employee is really busy in a meeting or cannot answer a call for some reason, then also there’s no reason to panic. A virtual phone system forwards the call to the voicemail box of your employee where the caller can leave a message and the employee can call back at his convenience. It really does not matter whether your employee is working from office, home, from a hotel or from any other location, he can still maintain constant connectivity with his customers and colleagues following the set standards of your company.

The mobile workers of today are quite different from that of the past. They are not necessarily sales people or service people. These people routinely work from home or while they are traveling and are answering their customer’s questions even when they are on vacation. Deciding the policy for this mobile workforce is perhaps one of the biggest challenges of companies in the coming years. Using a virtual phone system you can at least ensure that your employees are complying with the norms and maintaining your branding and corporate identity.