A Virtual Phone System Helps Your Business Grow

A virtual phone system has been widely used by companies as an ideal tool for communication. However, small business entrepreneurs are at times concerned about the effectiveness of a virtual phone and also its features. But if you are using a virtual phone, you can be assured that your business will enjoy some of the most advanced telecommunication features that will give you an advantage over your competitors. With telecommuting becoming a popular option both for employees and employers, a virtual phone is exactly what your business needs.

Helps Your Communication

A virtual phone system provides you clear communication with your employees and customers. The audio quality of a virtual phone is as good as that of any traditional phone system. Since you are paying less for a virtual phone than a traditional phone system, it does not mean that you are compromising on anything. Some of the features of a virtual phone like auto attendant, advanced call forwarding, virtual fax are indispensable for the growth of your business.

Using an Automated Attendant

The auto attendant of a virtual phone system connects your prospects and your customers with the right person or department. It works 24/7 therefore eliminating your need for hiring an office receptionist. This results in considerable savings of money, but it no way compromises the services. An auto attendant greets and answers your customers and forwards the call to the right person/department. If there is no body to answer the call, the auto attendant forwards it to the voicemail box. It is more prompt, efficient and faster than a human receptionist.

Call Forwarding

The advanced call forwarding feature of a virtual phone system allows you to forward calls to more than one phone number. You can program your phone system in such a way that it delivers calls to your phone numbers according to your choice of day and time. This helps you to stay connected with your prospects and customers even when you are out of the office, at home or on vacation.  But even if you fail to answer your customer, you should not be afraid, because the auto attendant will forward the call to your voicemail box.


Your customers can leave a message for you in your voice mail box and you can reply back to them at your convenience. Moreover, a virtual phone system also uses caller ID to capture the details of a call so you know who has called you and at what time. A virtual phone also allows you to screen a call before you actually answer it. Now you answer a call only if it’s important or can divert it to your voice mail box. The phone system sends out alerts as soon as you have a new voice-mail. You can also listen to your voice mail or read it through your email.

Using Toll Free Numbers

Using a toll free number or 1 800 numbers with a virtual phone system can definitely give your business an extra boost. Simply by using a toll free number, you can make your business look professional, credible and big. Now this is important for your sales.  So using a toll free number with a virtual phone is important for a new entrepreneur to make his business a success.