A Virtual Phone System helps Entrepreneurs Refocus on their Business

Time is probably the most important and valuable asset of an entrepreneur. Small business owners and entrepreneurs need to wear many hats and their involvement is necessary in almost every aspect of their business. At times, this can get so overwhelming that an entrepreneur begins to lose track of his actual business intentions.  If you ever find yourself trapped in such a situation, there’s only one thing that you can do – remove some tasks from your plate. 

A virtual phone for healthy communication

 For a small business owner and entrepreneur, maintaining constant and healthy communication with customers, prospects, partners and employees can be a daunting task. He does not have time to answer each and every call; neither can he allow calls to go unanswered.  A virtual phone system can be the right solution to his problem.

A virtual phone has some amazing features that help small company owners and entrepreneurs build a healthy communication culture. It is extremely affordable and is a true friend for every small and new business owner.

Auto attendant to answer, greet and forward calls

An entrepreneur receives tons of calls every day. Not every call is critical for a business. But how do you know which ones are? Must you answer each one to determine which are important and which are not? Using the auto attendant feature of a virtual phone, an entrepreneur can answer his callers with customizable messages 24×7.  An auto attendant practically removes the need for a receptionist in an office. It works as a virtual receptionist around the clock including weekends and holidays – answering and routing callers.

An auto attendant often interacts first with your customers, even before you. So, it’s important that you make it sound smart and professional.

Sift and answer calls

Once the auto attendant forwards a call, you can screen the call before answering it. You can use Call Screen & Announce to know who’s on the line. You can either answer the call or forward the call to the voicemail box. A caller can leave a message at the voicemail box. You are informed of every voicemail immediately either by text to your cell phone or by email. Voicemails can also be read in email or can be listened to through a link in the email. This allows an entrepreneur to manage all his communications from one place.

For mobile workers

A virtual phone system also helps entrepreneurs overcome the communication challenges of their mobile workforce. People now go mobile or work remotely for various reasons. A virtual phone allows mobile workers to work away from the office and yet stay professional and make their communication strong and effective. A virtual phone can be used with any phone, even with a cell phone! It does not need any hardware, software or installation.

A virtual phone also allows entrepreneurs and mobile workers to send fax online – faxing without a fax machine. Moreover, virtual phones are compatible with most smart phones including iPhone and Android.