A Virtual Phone Helps You Function Like a Fortune 500 Company

With all the new technologies that we are using today, it makes a telephone seem quite irrelevant.  You can send an email to your colleague or an IM. You can also call and talk to your colleagues over Skype or Gtalk. But what about your customers? Would you talk to them over Skype or Gtalk? Would you sound professional if you did talk to them over Skype or Gtalk? A telephone plays an important role in making a business sound and function like a Fortune 500 company. Why look tiny when you have every chance of looking big and professional?

A virtual phone can make you sound as big as any multi-national company and it can be done within your budget. A virtual telephone has features that can make even a small business sound quite big and professional.   Why not appear larger and attract more sales? Following are a few ways that a virtual phone works to make a business look big:

Professional Greetings

Whenever a customer dials your virtual phone he/she is always greeted by a professional who presents him a list of options and he can choose the best option. The auto attendant works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without any human intervention. So it does not matter whether customers are calling after business hours or on weekends, there will always be somebody to receive the call and guide the caller properly.  An auto attendant makes a business look big and professional without any extra cost. It is, in fact, a very important feature of a virtual telephone.

Extensions for Every Employee/Department

You can also use a toll free number with your virtual system. A toll free number can prove to be equally beneficial for a business. A toll free number allows you to create extensions. So now you can have dedicated extensions for every employee or every department. This is another important feature that larger companies employ. They usually have extensions for every employee or department.  Using a virtual phone you can create multiple extensions even though your company may be so small that all calls are directed to one person. The callers will have an impression that they are calling a big company.

Using a Voicemail Box

A missed call can prove to be disastrous for a business. A virtual phone allows you to forward calls when you are not available to answer them. Callers can leave a message in the voicemail box and you can call them back at your convenience. This drastically reduces the chances of lost business opportunities. As soon as a caller leaves a message in your voicemail box, the phone system sends you an alert. This makes sure that none of the voice messages go unnoticed. Alternately, you can also set the phone in Do Not Disturb mode until you are available which will forward calls directly to your voicemail. 

Smart Faxing

No matter if you are a big business or a start-up, faxing is an important form of communication for your business. Though other forms of business communication have emerged, faxing still dominates the landscape of business communications.  A virtual phone allows you to send and receive fax without a fax machine. Your tablet or smart phone can work as a faxing device and you can successfully send and receive fax.  This is known as virtual fax or online fax. It is cost effective, efficient and faster than normal faxing.