8 year warranty parts and labor


 What does it cover

  • Certified Hardware and labor cost to replace or repair malfunctioning system hardware
  • Malfunctioning telephones replaced or repaired and all associated labor costs
  • Premium support, includes system programming adjustments, labor for adds, moves and changes of station locations for year one, does not include cost of cables, jacks, additional system hardware or telephones
  • Software failure 8 years (other providers don’t cover this)
  • Cordless and WiFi telephones
  • Replace malfunctioning handset cords first 2 years (other providers offer 1 year)
  • Replace or repair all station wiring and jacks installed by Nexcom
  • Remote diagnostics 8 years
  • Unlimited user training 8 years, (industry standard only 1 year)
  • Discounted pricing for services and additional system telephones, system  hardware and  labor costs associated with changes
  • Trade in discounts for future system purchases