3 Ways a Virtual Telephone Helps a Business Grow

Launching one’s own business isn’t easy. It requires a lot of sacrifice, constant work, and relentless effort. Not just anyone can be an entrepreneur. One who succeeds must have put in hard work and have managed multiple responsibilities simultaneously. When a start-up is just about to take-off or even when you are operating a business successfully an entrepreneur needs to devote some time for networking, pitching to potential clients or for polishing his presentations. But these cannot be done at the expense of compromising business communication. Thanks to a virtual telephone an entrepreneur  can remain connected with clients, vendors and partners even when he is not able to answer their calls immediately all the time.

Puts an Entrepreneur in a Commanding Position

A virtual telephone puts a business in a commanding position. Rather than relying on the cell phone for all business communication, entrepreneurs can now use a fully fledged virtual PBX (Private Branch Exchange) system for their business, which streamlines their communication system. Entrepreneurs can also use a toll free number as his business number to project a professional and credible image. Moreover, features of a virtual phone including call forwarding, voicemail box and virtual fax help to build an image of professionalism and credibility.

Keeps an Entrepreneur Connected – Always

Another perk for using a virtual telephone is that it gives businesses mobility. A business is no longer strictly limited within the office.  An entrepreneur can actually carry his office with him. This is especially important for a busy entrepreneur who is always on the go. A virtual phone makes him more confident and allows him to answer calls and faxes even when he is traveling. The advanced call forwarding feature of a virtual phone system allows you to forward calls to cell phone, home phone and office phone. He can also use call screen and announce before he answers a call. Call screen helps him to differentiate important calls from those that are not so important.

If an entrepreneur finds a call to be really important he can answer it instantly else he can forward it to the voicemail box to answer the call at his convenience. A virtual telephone immediate notifies him of a voicemail either through an email or by sending text to his cell phone thereby minimizing chances of missed calls and hence missed business opportunities.

Provides Highly Scalable Solutions

Service providers offer multiple flexible plans to cater to the needs of every entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are not required to sign any contract for using this phone service. Moreover, they can also enjoy a free trial. A virtual telephone is highly scalable. It actually grows with a business. So an entrepreneur can start with the basic plan and change to other advanced plans once his business starts growing and so are his needs. The scalability of virtual phones is another important feature that makes it just perfect for a small business. From small businesses, start-up companies, home based businesses to big corporations – this phone system is relevant for all.