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Your business phone system is one of the most vital components of your business operations.

 Without a solid business phone system your business operations can quickly come to a grinding halt.  A dropped call here or there can mean the difference between business success or epic fail. Unfortunately, many small and medium size businesses cannot afford the expense of a full time telecommunications expert to be on hand in case trouble rears its ugly head.  One small glitch in the telecommunications works and you could find yourself in a costly predicament. What you need is a rock solid Hybrid phone system that brings the more reliable digital phone system technology you grown use to that integrates seamlessly with advanced features of VoIP all in one solution that you can count on. What you need is a partner to help you manage your technology and help you avoid problems before they even start. What you need is Nexcom Digital Solutions.

In the past, a typical business phone system relied on the only game in town and your local telephone company was dispatched to the scene whenever there was trouble. This often meant long down times but more importantly it also meant a costly hardware infrastructure and equally high phone bill.

business phone system by VerticleFortunately modern Hybrid business phone system technology can be leveraged to give us the near simplicity of plug-in-play digital modules with the affordability that’s more in line with today’s tight budgets. VoIP which stands for Voice Over Internet has allowed business telephone systems to evolve by taking advantage of local data lines such as PRI, T1, cable, SIP and DSL. Yes, the same line that you browse the internet with can be used to piggyback private, secure digital voice packets,allowing you greater productivity and user friendly features at a touch of a button. Business phone systems can now offer greater expansion and feature options at affordable pricing. Routing and service options often are management through easy to use web interface pages accessible through a local browser.  The need for an in-house telecommunications specialists has been replaced with just about anyone in your office.

Nexcom Digital Solutions has business phone systems for sale as well as servicing options. We realize that sometimes your situation can go beyond the scope of knowledge of current resources available. Whether you are looking to replace your old business phone system or need assistance with your current telephone system, give us a call. We have been providing business phone system services and support since 1982 and are here to help with all of your telecommunications needs. From finding ways to reduce costs, installing a new office line or replacing an aging business phone system we are sure we can save you money.

We have been able to find immediate cost savings for our customers and we are here to help. Many of our customers have considered our solutions to be the best business telephone systems for their needs and are enjoying huge savings to the bottom line.

Your Business Telephone System Specialist

Nexcom Digital Solutions is like having an on-call telephone technician available on hand to immediately trouble-shoot whatever phone problem you may be experiencing. We invite you to visit our other website pages and encourage you to contact us if you need assistance. We offer a wide range of services, from versatile business telephone systems from LG Electronics the Vertical Summit, NEC, Samsung, Toshiba and Panasonic, Video Surveillance, Voice & Data Cabling and more!

Please complete the contact form on the right side of this page for free telephone system demonstration, we will be happy to offer you a complimentary consultation to go over the best business telephone system solution possible to serve your exact needs. If you prefer, phone us toll free at: 1(800) 495-1323.